DBPOWER 800A Peak 18000mAh Review

Hello, we would like to review the other unique starter DBPOWER 800A Peak 18000mAh.

What Is A Jump Starter?

The batteries of most cars are one of the least trustworthy components of any vehicle. That's because they can easily be drained if an alternator is not working properly, a vehicle power source, such as the lights, has been left on or it's cold outside. Thus so many people choose to carry a portable jump starter. These devices give batteries with no or low charges the extra boost they need to crank over a car.

You have probably seen someone jump-start one car from another before. Jump starters work approximately in the same way. Their own charged battery is the main component inside of them. These units use that charged battery as a power source to jump-start a car with a dead battery when there is no other vehicle around. Often they feature built-in jumper cables and some even have other types of charging ports built into them too.

Product description

DB POWER peak jump starter 800A is a reliable starter with a peak current of 800A and a battery capacity of 18000mAh. The starter also features overload protection, overvoltage protection, and overcharge protection.

The DBPOWER Jump Starter is one of the best car battery boosters for diesel and gas engines. It is powerful enough to start up a 5.2L diesel and 6.5L gas engine. In a single charge, you can use it to jumpstart your vehicle up to 20 times. It is a universal jump starter that can be used on cars, motorbikes, boats, and even jet skis.

Here is what you get with the DBPOWER jump starter: a 12v car charger, a 12v wall charger, intelligent jumper clamps, a three-year warranty, and lifetime customer support. In this DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh review you will realize that when you buy the DBPOWER you will be getting more than a jump starter. It is the perfect companion for motorists.

With its rugged, protective coating, the DBPOWER 800A 18,000mAh portable jump starter is the obvious choice for a reliable solution. With a peak load of 800A, the jump starter can safely start your engine up to 20 times per charge. Smart jumper clips are included for use with any vehicle. The LCD screen displays information on the remaining power and the number of starts.

The starter has an 18,000 mAh battery and a 2.4A USB port. The jump starter can be used to charge cell phones, tablets, and other electronics. The protective case helps prevent damage if dropped, bumped, or used.

Why choose the DBPOWER 800A Jump Starter?

   A jump starter is a must-have for every car!

Be assured that you and your loved ones can get home when you find yourself stranded. The starter will help start your 6.5L gas or 5.2L diesel engine up to 30 times on a single charge.

   The starter has powerful LED lighting and emergency lighting.
In additio
n to LED lighting, the starter has 3 modes (high, strobe, and SOS), you can use the red emergency light as a hazard warning light to notify you of an accident, or call the emergency services.
   Compass and LCD Display Screen.
The surface compass will help you find your way home when lost in the wilderness. The LCD screen shows exactly the remaining power and output voltage, which helps you make better use of power and protect your devices.

   Faster and smarter charger.
It has a 2.4a USB output and smart USB port, 18000mAh capacity, you can charge your cell phones, tablets, kindles, etc. at the fastest speed. You can also use it to charge your laptop with 8-in-1 adapters. The output voltage can switch between V 12V/V16V/19V indicated on the LCD screen. It's small enough to store in your glovebox and light enough to pack in your bag.

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   Powerful lithium-ion starter jumper. As mentioned earlier, DBPOWER can start a 5.2-liter diesel and 6.5-liter gas engine up to 20 times with a single charge. The heavy-duty clamps are effective in distributing a peak current of 600 amps.
   Compact Starter. If you've been hunting for the best mini jump starter, the DBPOWER is perfect for you. With its compact size it can fit snugly in the glove compartment or anywhere else in the trunk. It's also portable and easy to carry from one place to another. It ranks high among various mini-starters.
   LCD screen and compass. It also has an LCD screen that lets you know your remaining power. The compass comes is there for looking for directions home. This feature makes the DBPOWER jump starter a must-have.
   Intelligent charging port. With DBPOWER you can also charge your mobile devices and laptops due to smart USB port with a capacity of 1800 mAh and can charge your devices at a high rate.


   If the DBPOWER 600A 1800mAh is less than thirty percent charged, it may not start the battery. Therefore, users should make sure it is more than 50 percent charged before heading out on the road.
   The DBPOWER starter automatically shuts off the power after 30 seconds of inactivity, which can make it difficult to charge mobile devices.


   1. Please read the instructions carefully. Any improper action may lead to damage of the starter or inability to start the engine.
   2. Do not start the engine from an external source if its displacement exceeds the maximum allowable displacement for the unit, otherwise, it will cause damage to the engine.
   3. Your starter will perform best when its battery is fully charged. If its charge level is less than 50%, it may not be able to start the engine.
   4. Do not connect positive and negative polarity when it is on. Do not crank the engine for more than 3 seconds. Allow the starter to cool for at least 30 seconds after each external start.
   5. Start the engine only when the light on the connection cable turns green.


The DBPOWER starter is one of the powerful lithium starters and can start a 5.2-liter diesel and 6.5-liter gas engine up to 20 times with a single charge. It has powerful LED lighting, a compass, and an LCD. It comes with an owner's manual that details how to use it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging the battery or the starter itself.

Thank you for reading the DBPOWER 800A jump starter review.