Schumacher SJ1332 1200 Amp 12V Rechargeable Jump Starter with Air Compressor Review

Since 1947, Schumacher Electric Corporation has been leading change and driving performance to exceed its customers’ expectations. Engineered patent-pending modern technologies and also acclaimed marketing make Schumacher the brand name of the selection. Schumacher's legacy is its commitment to top quality and also remarkable customer support. Schumacher brings experience, innovation, and quality to the future generation of battery maintenance ... the # 1 name in 1200 battery chargers around the world.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION amp jump starter

Schumacher SJ1332 Jump Starter is a multifunction power station with a 1200 peak amp jump starter, tire inflator, 12V & 120V output, work lamp, and blow-up mattress inflator. Schumacher electric 1200-amp car battery jump starter model sj1332 is a professional-grade power station with easy-to-use application for consumer. Never be stranded on the road again due to a flat tire or dead battery.

The SJ1332 has 4 different modes of output. (1) Industrial Grade Clamps, (2) 120V outputs, (2) 12V DC outputs, and (1) USB output for charging small portable devices like your mobile phone or video camera.

The SJ1332's ultra-effective jump starter can jump-start most heavy-duty batteries easily and quickly. Use the consisted high-grade connector and clamps to attach to your dead battery. This jump starter Portable Source Of Power has an on/off switch that triggers the dive start mode. An integrated charger for automated charging of the internal battery; simply connect an extension cable to the plug to charge (cable not included). The battery status LEDs informs when a battery is charged or needs to be charged. The Sure-Grip Clamps fit both top and side-mount batteries. Cable television will stay flexible in the coldest weather condition. A maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery enables storage in any position.

Built for heavy-duty jump starting, the SJ1332 is perfect for engine starting robust batteries as well as providing AC power on the go. From ’s line, this unit offers (2) AC outlets, a USB port plus an air compressor. This unit provides 1200 Peak Amps to jump start vehicles in emergencies. The digital display monitors the charge level of the internal battery and the voltage of the vehicle battery. Includes built-in light with energy-efficient ultra-bright LEDs. Schu Eco-Energy meets the highest industry standards.

   Built-In High-Pressure Air Compressor
   USB Port
   Built-In 400 Watt Power Inverter for 120V AC
   Built-in Inflator/Deflator
   On/Off Switch activates Jump Starter
   Digital Display shows battery status
   Sure-Grip Clamps fit both top and side-mounted batteries
   Cables stay flexible in cold weather
   12 Volt Accessory Outlet
   Maintenance-Free Sealed Lead-Acid Battery allows storage in any position


Schumacher battery jump starter Type: Maintenance-free AGM Lead-acid Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
12V DC Power Output: 15 Ah (both outlets combined) Built-In Work Light: 3 White LEDs
Schumacher jumper Cables: 4-gauge AWG, 24 inches Maximum Continuous Power: 200 Watts
Surge Capacity (Peak Power): 400 Watts Dimensions: 12.38 × 12.38 × 12.5 in
Weight Schumacher car jump starter 23.32 lbs No Load Current Draw: <0.4 Amps

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Pros Schumacher jump starter 1200

The Schumacher SJ1332 is easily portable to carry around in your car in case of unforeseen emergencies. However, you should store it in the box it came with. This way, even if you decide to leave the Schumacher Jump box in the car during the night, irrespective of how cold or hot it might be, it will not be affected in any way.
Even better, customers don’t have to think twice when buying the Schumacher car battery jump starters. This is because the Schumacher SJ1332 fits cars with large batteries. These include four-wheel drives, V8, among others. Some other merits of the Schumacher battery jump box are as follows:

   You can quickly charge it in the car by use of a male to male charging adaptor cord
   The battery is replaceable, and so are the rest of its spare parts
   Can power a CPAP overnight, i.e., 6 to 7 hours, and is compatible with 35/85 batteries
   It has multiple uses, and for instance, it can act as a deflator, inflator, or air compressor
   The inverter can run while the USBs are running


The Schumacher SJ1332, just like any other device, has its misgivings. However, they can not all be tied to default in design. For instance, users expect to run their heating appliances. Or use it immediately after purchase and not charge it for at least 24 hours like they do with other devices like phones etc. Otherwise, the top disadvantages associated with the Schumacher Jump box include:

   The Schumacher battery charger model sj1332 booster only operates when charged before or after use not during use
   It doesn’t come with any charging cord as well as USB cables
   When running on full power, the car battery jumper can only last for three hours
   The one year warranty is not valid for customers in Mexico


Every buyer who cares to take a look at the Schumacher SJ1332 review can tell right away that the dive box for cars and trucks has been given far too much attention in regards to style. From the integrated working lights, on and off switches down to the digital display.

The perfect travel all-in-one! The Schumacher portable jump starter does not just deliver power to jump start engines, it also consists of an air compressor, inflator, and USB power charger to keep electronics working. With integrated LEDs, a digital display, and more it's not simply a switch it's a requirement.

The Schumacher sj1332 doe 1200a jump starter review shows simply how well appropriate the battery jump box is for usage on lorries with high engine power. Besides being a jump box for cars, it also serves several functions, from being a compressor, charging electronic devices to inflating and deflating all things inflatable, including your automobile wheels.