Beatit G18 2000Amp Peak 12v Portable Car Jump Starter Review

Hello dear friends, in this review we want to introduce you to the BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp starter.

The Beatit G18 starter is designed for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines of up to 8 liters. The device is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 21000 mAh and is capable of delivering a starting current of up to 2000A. The Beatit G18 is compact enough to store in the glove compartment and light enough to carry around.


The Beatit G18 jump starter has excellent functionality with multiple levels of protection. The unit features a powerful lithium battery (21,000 mAh) with multiple levels of security that can provide up to 30 starts on a single charge. The smart terminals are equipped with additional safety features to protect against power surges, short circuits, and reverse polarity. The Beatit G18 Pro has such a high level of security, so you can safely touch the terminals or connect them to the battery terminals with the wrong polarity.

This device features a 21,000mAh Power Bank with fast charging, USB 3.0, and TYPE-C support. With a large battery capacity dedicated to charging third-party devices, you can use the Beatit G18 to charge smartphones, tablets, GPS, and other gadgets. The two USB ports provide charging speeds of up to 3A, which is 2-3 times faster than other portable Power Banks.

The Beatit G18 portable car jump starter can be used as a wireless charger for Qi-enabled devices. Please note that charging your phone in a case (especially if it is more than 4mm thick) can affect the charging speed, cause interruptions, and even interruptions.

The Beatit G18 Pro QDSP launcher is equipped with a bright LED flashlight which can be used in situations where you need extra light, such as changing a tire, inspecting the engine, or alerting drivers to a vehicle breakdown. In an emergency, you can use the SOS function.

There is an on/off button on the front of the unit. LCD Screen - Both the jump starter and the jumper cable are equipped with an LCD. The display of the jump starter displays the remaining power, and the display of the jumper cable displays the battery voltage of the vehicle's battery for enhanced diagnostics of the battery state.


   Battery capacity 21000 mAh
   Max engine capacity 8.0L petrol / 8.0L diesel LCD screen
   Wireless Charging Yes/10W
   LED flashlight
   Charging time 2-4 hours
   USB 1 out Yes (USB 3.0)
   USB 2 out Yes (USB 3.0)
   5V / 2A Type-C Input
   DC 12V / 10A output
   Starting inrush current 1000A
   Peak inrush current 2000A
   Operating temperature -40 to +80
   Life cycle 3000 full charges
   Dimensions (LxWxH) 194х8х48 mm
   Weight 635 g


   Starting device G18
   Alligator clips for connection to car terminals
   Type-C cable
   Carrying case

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   Certified by UL, Qi, FCC, CE, RoHS for quality. Supports over-current protection, Over-Temperature protection, and over-voltage protection. Perfect battery pack for everyday use, travel, camping or hiking, emergencies, commuters, and families.


   Not very long cables


The BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp is a powerful portable starter that is designed for gasoline and diesel engines up to 8L. The starter comes with a high-quality hard case and wireless charging. The BEATIT G18 performs very well in the most extreme conditions! The battery has a capacity of 21,000 mAh, allowing it to be used more than once, and for the same reason it holds its charge long in cold weather.

This review of the Beatit G18 QDSP 2000amp peak 12v portable jump starter will help you make an informed decision when making any purchase. The information in the review is based on our personal experience with the product.