Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES6000 Review

Hello, dear friends. In this review we want to look at heavy duty starters for heavy duty diesel engines. Everyone knows that diesel engines are often more difficult to start than gasoline engines. Such motors have a slightly different design principle, the essence of the work the same, but carried out in a different way. Diesel engines have more power than gasoline engines, which means the starting device has to meet these requirements. And that is why we would like to present you the ES6000 Truck PAC from Clore Automotive. Truck PAC ES6000 is a very powerful starter which is very suitable for starting diesel engines.

Product description

The northern tool and equipment Truck PAC ES6000 is a powerful 12-volt Booster PAC for the toughest starting applications and toughest starting conditions from an outside source, including loaded diesel engines, marine vessels and equipment maintenance facilities.

It delivers 3,000 peak amps and 800 amps of starting current by two ES Series batteries that are designed specifically for externally sourced engine starting. The ES Series batteries provide high output current, increased starting power, multiple surges on a single charge, and long life.
It also features an extra-long 56-inch cable for perfect positioning, industrial Hot Jaw clamps for maximum power transfer, automatic charging and status LEDs that make it easy to tell if the unit needs recharging.

Let’s look at the Truck PAC ES6000 on the outside. The front panel has an on/off button, a 12V output port that allows you to connect relevant devices such as compressor, etc., and diode indicators that show how much the device is charged.
The size of this starter is 8,8x16,7x20,2 inches. Yes, it is not small and can not be hidden in the glove compartment, but also does not trouble while storing it in another place, especially trucks has not this problem.

Type of service is designed more for trucks, but does not exclude the same for gasoline and passenger cars. Solar Truck PAC ES6000 jump starter with 3000A peak current and 800A starting current will surprise even the most exacting mechanic. The 54-inch cables, which have heavy-duty industrial clamps, do not let you doubt their reliability and durability.
The unit has automatic recharging (ESA218 Truck PAC ES6000 charger included). The output power is 12 volts.

Device features:

The composition of the battery cells in this device is alkaline, which differs from other models in this class. What are the pros of the alkaline battery? Good over-discharge tolerance. The battery can be stored in a discharged state without losing its characteristics. Alkaline batteries are relatively easy to overcharge. That said, there is an opinion that they are better recharged than undercharged. Alkaline batteries perform much better in low temperature conditions. This allows for almost failsafe engine starting in winter. The self-discharge of alkaline batteries is lower than others. Alkaline batteries do not emit harmful fumes. Alkaline batteries can store more energy per unit mass. This makes it possible to deliver electrical current for longer (in traction operation). However, alkaline batteries also have disadvantages. Alkaline batteries produce less voltage than other batteries, so you have to combine a larger number of "cans" to achieve the desired voltage. For this reason, with the same voltage, the dimensions of an alkaline battery will be larger. Alkaline batteries are now more commonly used as traction batteries.


   3000 Peak Amps
   800 Cranking Amps
   ES Series battery designed specifically for vehicle jump starting
   Automatic recharging
   LED battery status indicator
   54" #4 AWG cables
   Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps
   DC outlet to power 12 Volt accessories
   1 year limited warranty

Video Review

The problem with starting a diesel engine

Let's take a powerful diesel truck as an example, the batteries of such cars are quite powerful because the diesel engine itself is quite powerful and the battery must have the appropriate power. In order to crank and run the engine, the battery consumes a lot of energy, so the battery life is not so great. Sooner or later every car owner sees battery running out of power or even failing. The ES6000 Truck PAC charger is designed for just such cases. Its characteristics allow to start such diesel engines without any difficulty.


The performance of the Truck PAC ES6000 3000 peak amp 12v jump starter will also be indispensable during the cold season, which is very important. This is the main time of year when vehicle owners are faced with a discharged battery, because the cold is one of the negative factors affecting the battery. The Booster PAC Truck PAC 3000 peak amp 800 amps jump starter ES6000 allows you to crank the starter for a long time without suffering any damage when starting a diesel engine. If you need to start a diesel engine, we suggest you buy the charger for Truck PAC ES6000. This is a purchase that you will not regret.
Thank you for reading the Truck PAC ES6000 3000 Peak Amp 12v jump starter review.