How to charge the car with the charger?

    1. Always read the owner's manual and manufacturer's instructions first!
    2. Turn off your vehicle's engine.
    3. Make sure that the charger is switched off and unplugged.
    4. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal.
    5. Connect the black clamp to a grounded metal, vehicle frame, or engine block.
    6. After connecting both clamps, plug the charger into an outlet.
    7. Turn on the vehicle charger.
    8. The battery will start charging. Leave the charger on overnight.
    9. In the morning, turn off the charger.
    10. Turn the car on to see if it works.
    11 If the car still does not turn on, you may need to replace the battery.

When charging the battery, make sure it is not too high. Always read the manufacturer's instructions for proper use. If the battery overheats, stop charging until it cools down. Overheating the battery can be dangerous.

Be especially careful and make sure that the connecting cables are connected in the right places! There is a risk of electric shock and battery explosion. Red = positive. Black = Negative.