What is a car jump starters?

A battery starter is a first-aid for a dead battery. With this device you can start the internal combustion engine regardless of the location or weather conditions. A completely saturated battery will not be a problem such an assistant. Also, buying a quality modern unit you can use one to recharge any gadgets. If you compare these units with the ordinary external ones, the starting devices are much safer and very easy to use.

It is only necessary to connect the cables to the terminals of the machine and start it. The next step is to start the engine. If the result is negative, you need to wait for a short time. It is required to give the power supply of the car, a sufficient level of electricity to start the starter.

Starting devices are subdivided into standalone and networked.

A stand-alone device is made in the form of a device that combines a battery and a wire to connect it to the car. Devices are divided into lithium-ion and acid-lead and vary quite a lot in cost.

The main parameters of a jump starter are generally considered to be:

   peak and starting values;
   the number of possible starts;

When selecting, it is necessary to focus on the capacity, it is necessary to make sure that it will be enough to start or restart the battery. However, as the capacity increases, so does the weight of the gadget.

So, you will have to select the most suitable unit based on the specific conditions.

A network device, in essence, is an ordinary transformer. The action involves reducing the voltage to an acceptable level, to reanimate the car battery. The problem of using this type is a large size and the fact that the starting device should be close to the mains. Otherwise, the battery will not be able to return to a running order.

What to pay attention to when using a portable starter for jumping

In addition to starting a dead battery from an external source, portable jump starters also have USB connectors for charging all your devices, which is important for emergencies and entertaining children. Some even have built-in air compressors to fill low-air tires.

Here are some additional features to focus on:

   - Radio
   - Emergency lighting
   - 12-volt power outlets / sockets
   - USB sockets for charging gadgets
   - Air compressors
   - Inverters

Today's starters work as compact charging stations for batteries, phones, laptops, and anything else that needs recharging. Keep in mind that this will drain the battery of the jump starter itself. Don't forget to charge your portable starter periodically.